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The Far Future of the Universe

It’s natural to wonder what the future has in store for us. While we may not be able to predict what will happen to us tomorrow, science has made some pretty strong predictions about what will happen to the universe in the eons to come.

From the rearrangement of the constellations and meteorite impacts to the evaporation of our oceans and the stars themselves going out, there’s a lot of stuff to (not) look forward to.

Sure, the universe might not have a happy ending, but that just makes today more special, doesn’t it? Plus, BLACK HOLES.

Watch the latest It’s Okay To Be Smart (below) and I’ll tell you all about it!


Cool Site: Solar System Scope Lets You Fly Around the Planets in 3D

Solar System Scope is an web-based interactive that lets the user view the Solar System from a Heliocentric view, Geocentric view, or Panoramic view. In the Heliocentric view you can move a planet forward and back in time to see the relative positions of the sun and planets. It looks like many features will be added to Solar System Scope in the future.

Visit now because it’s awesome.

You may also want to visit and “like” the Solar System Scope Facebook page.

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